Relationship-based, telehealth-first, value-based GI care

GI Specialized Care Gastroenterologist & GI nurse practitioner guide the treatment journey
Nutrition & Mental Health Support to identify food triggers and control stress and anxiety
Health Coaching Support to integrate recommended changes into daily life
Personalized Care Plan Comprehensive care plan tailored to each individual’s needs
Labs & Diagnostics Local labs or at-home tests and tracking tools
Monitoring & Messaging Tools to track symptoms and 24X7 text access to care team

The Oshi Health Approach

Oshi Health is designed for convenient access to an integrated team of GI specialists in one place. With our virtual-first care model people can meet with their care team from the comfort of their home. Our full-service clinic supports everything from diagnosis to symptom control to ongoing management of conditions.

Initial Intake

People feel the difference from their very first appointment. Their Oshi Health Clinician will assess their symptoms and goals, and order labs and diagnostics..

Work with an Integrated Care Team

Next, the member might speak with one of our dietitians or our GI-specialized psychologist to address nutrition, stress and anxiety.

Proactive and Responsive Support

Oshi Health Coaches support people through their treatment plan, to understand triggers and root causes, and fit treatments into sustainable lifestyle.

Maintain control over symptoms

The Oshi Health care team is always available to answer questions and help people stay on track.

An Oshi Health Care Team

An Oshi Health member will be surrounded by a multidisciplinary care team of GI specialists, working together to diagnose, manage, and treat symptoms through more frequent, convenient, and personalized care experiences.

Meet a few members of a GI- specialized care team:

Mike Bass, MD Attending Gastroenterologist
Terasa Astarita, NP GI Nurse Practitioner
Kaitlin Voicechovski, MS, RD GI Registered Dietitian
Steve Feinstein, PhD GI Psychologist
Taylor Bathel GI Health Coach
Jessica Allam Care Coordinator
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